Don’t let the name fool you—Ukulele Jim is no novelty act! The combination of Jim’s lilting voice with the sweetness of the ukulele is notable in catchy, emotive songs that bridge the gaps between pop, rock, country and folk music. Call it Cali folk with an island vibe.

James “Ukulele Jim” Clark found the spark to ignite his musical career as a late bloomer. Jim chose to take up the ukulele when his children were born so they would grow up in a house that was always full of music. He is primarily self-taught, drawing from a large pool of influences such as George Harrison, James Hill, Boulder Acoustic Society, Barenaked Ladies, and The Magnetic Fields, just to name a few.

From his home studio in Santa Barbara, Ukulele Jim uses the convenience of the Internet to work with talented musicians from all over the world, creating an international ‘virtual band’ free from geographical boundaries. This collaborative freedom allows Jim to switch styles between acoustic solo pieces to songs with a full band sound.

With music that combines the soulfulness of James Taylor with the pop sensibilities of Jack Johnson, Ukulele Jim will treat you to an ear pleasing, heart stealing, joyful feeling good time!


“Jim’s songs are utterly charming, with lyrics that are clever, funny and, above all, sweet.” John O’Hara, Call It Folk Music

“There is no doubt that Jim is a special musician with a lot of offer. His breezy tunes combined with lyrics that range from humorous to personal keep you hanging on and waiting for the next song. I wonder if he is really pushing the envelope enough since the songs seem so effortless and almost perfect.” — Radio Maverick

“Central to Clark’s appeal is his inviting singing voice and the ukulele’s unique ability to create a friendly, relaxing mood anywhere, anytime… a winning formula.” —Hyberbolium

“Catchy, sweet, and charming… In a sense, listening to Ukulele Jim is like falling in and out of love in Hawaii. A dynamic album, illustrating raw emotion and presenting it in a light-hearted, easy-listening fashion. A deep, romantic undertone is suggested throughout the entire album, but the playful ukelele pop creates a musical juxtaposition that keeps listeners from feeling burdened.” — Ok Gina, The Band Lounge

“Jim’s voice has nice tone and excellent control. Really catchy, great melody, great production… Ukulele Jim has done it again.” Mickey Maguire, Ukulele Player Magazine

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